I'm Back!!!!

Well, hello there! Yeps, it's me. Long time no see. I've been plenty busy with my gazillion fanlistings so yeah. :-P

Today I'm sharing some icons I've made for some of my fanlistings. You know the rules by now:

-always credit
-no stealing
-no all.
-not textless bases. ever.

##Hrithik Roshan
##Preity Zinta
##Dhoom 2
##Lemony Snicket a Series of Unfortunate Events movie
##Within Temptation
##Indian sarees and lehenga cholis
##Within Temptation

Here's a sneak peak:

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My fanlisting collective in case you'd like to join:

Color Your Soul

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This blog is NOT dead. In fact, it will never die as long as I am still making graphics. I won't even go on hiatus. However, the only reason I have a blog is to post graphics so I won't post if I don't have anything.

I've been sick for like two weeks now and haven't been able to do much of anything.

But I'll be back soon as I get cracking on Photoshop! ^___^
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I found tons of Xtina pics I downloaded a long time ago to make graphics so I decided to get off my lazy butt and get to work. I promise more variety in the next post. LOL.


Textless art are NEVER bases.
ALWAYS credit me when you use my stuff.
Don't claim as your own.
Don't change in any way, shape or form.


#30 icons
#04 Friends Only banners
#01 miscellaneous


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Also pimping my new community i_c0n

Finally an update

Been busy with three dogs and two kitties. The doggies are mine but the kitties we got off of the street to save them before they are healthy enough to take to the humane society. Also been sick so yeah. LOL.

Today we have:


#5 Christina Aguilera Candyman video
#5 Hepsi
#2 Heroes
#3 Lee Seung Chul
#7 Elizabeth: The Golden Age trailer
#15 Sweeney Todd trailer
#19 The Golden Compass Trailer
#4 Dumbledore


#1 Cate Blanchett
#2 Sweeney Todd trailer


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**Sweeney Todd and Golden Compass trailer screencaps courtesy of Striped Wall

Icons Galore

I went a little overboard this time with the icon making. LOL. I guess it's OK since I haven't posted anything in almost a week. This is 99.9% of the time a fanart journal so yeah, don't expect me to post unless I have fanart to share. Other than that I'm pretty much off the web.

But never fear, I work on some stuff at least every week. ^_^


1.CREDIT me always whenever you use my stuff.
2.Do NOT alter in any way, shape or form.
3.Do NOT claim as your own.


#26 Bi/Rain
#20 Park Hyo Shin
#19 Pushing Daisies


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There Goes the Neighborhood

This post is NOT porn!!!

At least it's not real porn. This is the latest ad campaign for Tom Ford's perfume for men. He is [was?] the head designer for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent so you know he's not a nobody.

Now, I am the type of person that is hardly ever shock, I have nothing against porn and I hardly do a double take anymore but this made me look twice. LOL.

Interesting. O_o

OK, the moment has gone and I'm over it. LOL.

I'll be back to posting fanart later but I couldn't resist.
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Layout Change

I finally got to change my layout. Since I've always coded my own websites I felt like a real retard for having to use a pre-made style-sheet. T_T

But I found everything_lj and they explain the tags that are needed in LJ and voila! I coded my layout. Now I feel all warm and fuzzy. I hate feeling like an idiot. >_>

Oh but the side calendar I did have to borrow the code from interlinea since I couldn't get it to work. I suppose I'll go back and fix it later but for now I'll just use that bit of code and credit. ^_^

Anyways, here are a few old wallpapers. Yeah, I'm not done moving from my old site. This make take a while. I'm a lazy bum. >_<

Two of these were actually layouts from one of my old websites and I liked them so I've turned them into wallpapers. LOL.


**DO NOT ALTER MY WALLPAPERS IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. You CANNOT use them to make ANYTHING. These are just for you to use as your desktop backgrounds.

**DO NOT post ANYWHERE online. If you'd like for me to share them with a community leave me a comment and I'll be more than happy to post them there. You are NOT to do this for me.

Please respect the rules.

#Pride & Prejudice - 6

#Aishwarya Rai - 3
#Kim Min Joon - 1
#Kiera Knightley - 1

#CLASH - 1
#Amy Lee - 1
#Yalin - 1



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Okies so I finally got on the Saawariya bandwagon and made some icons and two siggies. I have to tell you that I think thi is the crappiest stuff I've ever done but I figured, whatever, I'll share anyways.

I can't wait to see this movie!!! It looks awesome but the leading actor looks like a dork and is major fugly. I hope he can act because otherwise this will bomb for me. Why couldn't they get a cute guy to go with the cute girl?!?!

Oh and Salman is in this movie?! WTF!?!


You MUST credit me if you take any of my stuff!

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P.S. I'm still pimping my music journal! 1world_music

Busy, busy

No, I haven't forgotten about the journal. LOL. I was just busy setting up my music community. ^_^

If you are interested you can check it out here. I listen to rock, pop, hip-hop and various other genres from all over the world. And I mean all over. ;-P

And now, on to the fanart! Today I have some icons and some wallpapers.


#Scarlett Johansson
#Bipasha Basu
#Preity Zinta
#Oh Ji Ho
#Kim Nam Jin
#Kang Ji Seob
#Joo Ji Hoon

TV Shows

#Coco Lee
#Ayumi Hamsaki
#Back ON
#I (아이)
#Kim Dong Wan
#Park Hyo Shin
#Kevin Geng
#Koda Kumi
#Lee Jung Hyun

#Pirates of the Carribean

Tease me...

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I hope you liked! ^_~

Say It Right

I'm still not done moving and I've so much stuff left, mostly wallpapers and TONS of siggies. Maybe what I'll end up doing is just bring over my newer stuff and leave the older stuff in my regular non-LJ journal forever. Or at least until I feel like moving them. LOL.

I have been looking around the LJ communities and I joined a couple of icon making ones. But I'm somewhat disappointed that I've yet to find a wallpaper or siggie or regular graphic community! Doesn't anyone else make other stuff besides icons?! I mean, I KNOW icons are done like in minutes while a good wallpaper may take you an hour or so but come on! There has to be other people that like making wallpapers. Also looking for kpop, cpop, jpop, jrock, krock, crock and thai rock/pop communities. Found very few as well. Were is everyone hiding???? I feel all alone. LOL.

Anyways, let's get to the business of posting stuff. Today I have a collection of Nelly Furtado's Say It Right remixes. They are all so awesome! I seriously recommend them even if you aren't a fan of dance music or of Nelly. Shoot, I don't even care for her music and I LOVED these! They are all dl from all over the web so thanks to everyone that shared these. I just zipped and uploaded them so I take no credit for originally uploading these.

BTW, this is not some sort of official CD. Just remixes from all over the place. But they are AWESOME!!!

Track List:

01.Nelly vs Mika - Say It Relaxed rMx (Robin Skouteris Mix)
02.Say It Right (Bad Boy Bill 'Bass' Mix)
03.Say It Right (Cuti Mix)
04.Say It Right (DJ Anthony Lago's Got Club Mix)
05.Say It Right (Dj Crystal ClubRmx)
06.Say It Right (Elkana pAz 2007 Remix)
07.Say It Right (Friscia & Lamboy Club Mix)
08.Say It Right (Menage Music Remix)
09.Say It Right (Menage Acid Remix)
10.Say It Right (Offer Nissim Got Club Mix)
11.Say It Right (Scott Feguson & Michael Tank Remix)
12.Say It Right (Vicio Aka Jaydeejay Elettronik Remix)
13.Say It Right (Dummies Club Mix)
14.Say It Right (Roberto Bedross remix)

Say It Right mixes

Oh and please don't steal my banner. (^_^)

OK, so I lied, I AM posting more art. I have to take advantage of every post I make! It's just a bunch of grungy-like Shakira icons I made of her latest video Las De La Intuicion. I really really love the video and the song even if Shakira can't sing for shit. LOL. At least she can dance.

Spoilerish spoil:

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